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The Dax Hunter Series

A League of Warriors


Aware that his past is about to catch up with him, a psychopathic KGB agent requests a transfer to Africa. Soon after arriving, the ruthless Morozov leads a small band of communist guerrillas into Rhodesia. Their deadly mission: to down another civilian passenger aircraft. Within hours of the tragedy, Rhodesian security forces activate a hot-pursuit operation. Dax Hunter, a young air force helicopter pilot, makes contact with the evil gang on the banks of the Zambezi. He sets in motion a sequence of events that will forever entwine his fate with that of the crazed Russian. Events sweep the two men across the globe in a dangerous journey of intrigue, passion and betrayal. Meanwhile, maneuvering between the Cold War’s fragile ententes, the CIA’s shadowy dealings continue to influence events in Central America. With the feisty CIA agent Apple Lacroix at his side, Hunter is unwittingly drawn into a questionable CIA operation … and a showdown with his archenemy.


Nimbly woven into an intensely-researched story, the author succeeds in fusing the plot with an almanac of actual historical events.

 —ex CIA pilot (Nicaragua Ops)


Story-telling that goes head-to-head with the likes of Andy MacNab. It’s fast-paced with a few unexpected twists. A sequel or series, Gary Albyn?

 —Mark Ellis


Fast paced with credible characters and an excellent writing style. Comparable to Daniel Carney’s A Whispering Death and Robert Early’s A Time of Madness. Well done Gary Albyn, here’s to the sequel.

 —KRJ Graham


This is absolutely my kind of book. From start to finish I was gripped by the action packed scenes, the suspense, the twists and turns and the distinct identities of the characters. This novel is a must read.

 —Dave Parrington

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Red Talon


With Berlin in ruins and the Allies about to overrun the city, Hitler’s Head of Gestapo engineers his timely escape. In British-controlled Palestine, a Zionist guerrilla is hanged for attempted murder and sabotage. Thirty-five years later, Argentina invades the Falklands Islands.


Through a series of seemingly unconnected events, Zimbabwean pilot Dax Hunter is propelled into the eye of a global storm.


Teaming-up with CIA agent Apple Lacroix, Hunter finds himself in a race against time to stop the calculating ambitions of KGB prodigy, Vladimir Putilin. 


Gary Albyn is fast establishing himself as master and commander of his genre. I can do no better than commend this book—and many more after it—to the reader.

 —Ricky D Phillips: Author of  First Casualty & Sixty Battles  


Another superb read from the author of A League of Warriors. Throughout this deftly-woven plot, Albyn’s characters ignite the pages. 

 —Jeremy Hall: Author of  Weep for Africa


Hollywood film directors would score a box office hit with Red Talon. Gary Albyn has produced an international thriller covering five decades of heart-pumping action. From Israel, Argentina, South Africa and Lebanon, Albyn takes the reader on a supersonic adventure. Filled with fascinating characters, the plot ignites the imagination like it has never been lit before.

 —Diana Addison Lyle: Author of  Swimming through Life & Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Westlake Malibu Lifestyle Magazine, California, USA.



TEOTWAKI Survival Series

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Building a Bug Out Bag For the Transition

In times of crisis, a well-equipped Bug-Out-Bag could easily make the difference between life and death. But in a truly serious bug-out situation, every hardened survivalist or outdoorsman will tell you that the greatest challenge—at least in the first 48 hours—is overcoming the fear and trepidation associated with your situation. Getting yourself locked into a state of denial could kill you as surely as exposure, starvation or extreme dehydration. If you’re not in possession of any specific survival skills, imagine how easy it would be to succumb to the psychological pressures associated with your newfound circumstances. Like a deer in the headlights, the mental anguish associated with your new reality could cause you to ‘freeze’ with indecision or panic. That’s why a good Bug-Out-Bag is essential.

     The suggestions and recommendations in this book may help alleviate some of the anguish associated with being forced to transition from comfort to cave.


The 'Big 5' Series

Manzovo - Place of the Elephants


Thandi, now at the height of her prime, is the astute and respected matriarchal head of a herd of elephants. She gives birth to Lesedi—the last of her five calves—and thus begins their sweeping journey through the bushveld and across the open vistas of southern Africa. While the herd has to deal with their brushes with predators, farmers, poachers and culling gangs alike, their odyssey across southern Africa also embraces some of the cultures, natural wonders and landmarks that give character to this region. So too are described encounters with some of the floral and faunal species unique to this part of the continent. 
The story portrays their epic travels through these parts at a time in our past when elephants were able to range, with relative ease, across the timeless plains of Africa. Both subtle and compelling, the story weaves in the arcane rhythm that pounds like a tribal drum deep in Africa’s chest. 

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Izwi Lami - My Voice
Launching in Spring of 2021

The destinies of two young warriors—one a Zulu boy, the other a leopard—are intertwined in this sweeping South African drama. Set against the backdrop of the turbulent nineteenth century, the story pitches towards its titanic showdown on the 22nd January 1879—the epic defeat of Britain’s imperial forces at the hands of Cetshwayo’s Zulu impi.

On the day of that historic Battle of Isandhlwana, under the eerie gloom of a solar eclipse, Kosan and Sitha the leopard are also fated to meet in a defining moment of clarity and understanding.